Solutions - AML Compliance

Comprehensive compliance risk management

Monitor Plus CRM (Compliance Risk Manager)

is a proven solution that helps to achieve an efficient management of the risk-based approach (RBA), supporting the Compliance area in the management and mitigation of money laundering of illicit origin, improving management results.

Use cases

  • Comprehensive and automated compliance risk management.
  • Mitigation of associated risks (money laundering and reputational).
  • Integration of action plans for risk mitigation.
  • Generation of compliance matrices.


Risk-based approach

Monitor Plus CRM™ (Compliance Risk Manager) is a proven solution that helps to achieve an efficient risk-based approach and supports the compliance area in mitigating risks, preventing money laundering, and improving results.

Quantitative and qualitative risk analysis

The system allows to analyze risks from quantitative and qualitative methods and to create diagrams for each process. This facilitates the assessment of inherent and residual risk at an institutional or multi-company level.

International standards and regulations compliance

Monitor Plus CRM™ integrates compliance risk management best practices and standards and assists in anti-money laundering compliance.

Integrated risk management

Monitor Plus® supports and automates risk management throughout the entire process: identification, frequency and impact analysis, treatment, heat mapping, and follow-up action plans for risk mitigation.

Simplified and comprehensive

Risk Management

Qualification of

Associated Risks


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