Solutions - AML Compliance

FATCA/CRS Compliance and Reporting

Monitor Plus FATCA/CRS™

is a solution that assists institutions in compliance with FATCA/CRS regulatory frameworks, reduces compliance costs and boosts related operational efficiency. This module supports the exchange of relevant information and helps to obtain information on customer assets and income, integrating the process of customer identification and documentation (due diligence) and reporting.

Use cases

  • Analysis and monitoring of new and existing accounts.
  • Customer information validation processes.
  • Identification of FATCA/CRS indicia.
  • FATCA/CRS due diligence for customers subject to these regulations.
  • Report generation and management.


Onboarding and customer relationship management

Monitor Plus FATCA/CRS™ monitors and analyses transactions and customer profile to obtain information regarding assets and income, integrating the identification and documentation process (due diligence) and reporting.


This solution makes it easier for institutions to comply with and manage the due diligence and indicia analysis of persons who are US citizens, residents or companies, companies with substantial US investment or other types of persons applicable to this legislation.


The system supports the automatic exchange of Common Reporting Standard (CRS) for financial and tax information by extending the due diligence process to validate the tax residency of the person (natural or legal).

Accurate detection and low alert volume

Monitor Plus® uses an assembly of expert models and artificial intelligence to achieve high-level detection and minimal false positives, reducing customer friction and fostering loyalty. Additionally, a lower volume of alerts reduces the operational burden on staff.


FATCA/CRS Monitoring and Management

Multiple benefits


  • Align onboarding processes for regulatory compliance.
  • Maintain information quality standards by aggregating the tax residence of clients.
  • Processes of trace remediation or validation of customer data.
  • Automates scheduling and manages reports that must submitted to the respective jurisdictions.
  • Monitoring of pre-existing accounts and change of conditions.


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