Solutions - Fraud Prevention

Internal fraud prevention

Monitor Plus IFM™ (Internal Fraud Manager)

is a comprehensive solution to prevent and control internal fraud modalities through continuous controls. This system detects and anticipates fraud in its early stages to protect institutions before threats materialize by correlating events in real time.

Use cases

  • Suspicious queries.
  • Modifications to sensitive data.
  • Financial transactions.
  • Monitoring for structured fraud sequences and patterns.
Financial software


Real-time internal fraud prevention and control

Monitor Plus IFM™ (Internal Fraud Manager) applies controls and deterrents to prevent and control internal fraud patterns, and is able to detect and anticipate fraud at an early stage.

Employee risk management

This system determines employee risk from their inherent risk and that based on their transactional behaviour across the different systems they use (residual risk). Monitor Plus IFM™ validates against internal and external blacklists and can analyse relationships between employees, customers and managers to identify risks.

Timely and effective actions

Monitor Plus® provides a high level ofdetection with a low level of false positives, enabling a more agile and efficient response to fraud. The platform enables alert management and case follow-up practices, it generates automated defense routines, implements control indicators, management tools, and managerial data for decision-making.

Accurate detection and continuous learning

Monitor Plus® employs an assembly of expert models and artificial intelligence that optimises the high level of detection and decreases false positives, and allows it to continuously learn based on feedback from analysts and research cases. Additionally, the resulting lower volume of alerts decreases the operational burden on the analysis team.



This system timely identifies the individual and his or her propensity to commit fraud, and continuosly monitors them to maintain an up-to-date risk profile.





Detection of multiple patterns of internal fraud

Monitor Plus IFM™ prevents and controls various patterns of internal fraud through controls and deterrents. In addition, it is able to detect and anticipate fraud at its earliest stages through real-time event correlation and data collection from multiple systems.

Validation pop-ups

Monitor Plus® can interact with the employee in real time to apply validation processes and deterrent controls.

Integration of video surveillance

Monitor Plus IFM™ allows the integration of third-party systems, such as CCTV, to further enhance the effectiveness of prevention activities.

Real-time alert management

The system alerts multiple groups or users in real time and incorporates defense mechanisms against fraud or attacks, interacting directly with authorising systems or administrators to preventively block accounts or users.


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