How does your AML division drive business in digital banking?

Data availability and processing are key factors for security and customized service offerings.

Watch this webinar to learn how your AML Compliance division can exploit data, stay compliant and help boost profitability in alignment with the corporate strategy and in unison with other divisions, creating value and fostering customer loyalty in key journey touchpoints.

Topics covered:

  • Banking trends for 2023
  • The impact of digital banking
  • KYC as a pillar for customer satisfaction
  • The importance or regulatory compliance
  • Proper management of emerging risks

This is a recording subtitled in English.

Presented by

Raúl Castellanos

AML Compliance Product Manager at Plus TI

AML and FATCA FIBA-certified expert with ample experience in financial institution software management. Raul has participated in system implementations in various countries in matters of Corporate Governance, Risk Management, AML, Fraud Prevention, and Internal Control. He has also consulted and actively participated in project implementation in various countries with PSD2 European Regulation, Digital Banking Fraud Prevention & Cybersecurity, Continuous Auditing, among others.


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