Solutions - Continuous Auditing

Automation and optimization of internal control and continuous auditing

Monitor Plus Continuous Auditing™

is a solution that automates audit activities in real time to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the institution's processes and systems and compliance with applicable regulations and the requirements of various regulatory bodies.

Use cases

  • Detection of exceptions or anomalies in systems and processes.
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency in the detection of risks in processes throughout the organization.
  • Support for the internal control systems used by the institution.
  • Reduction of losses caused by errors or deviations in the processes.
  • Reliability of the integrity of financial and operational information.
  • Ongoing assessment of risks and controls by assessing 100% of the data and not on a sample basis.


Real-time automation

Monitor Plus Continuous Auditing™ monitors and analyses operations and audit activities in real time through a flexible, customizable model adjustable to the needs of the institution.

Generation of accurate and timely alerts

Monitor Plus Continuous Auditing™ uses an assembly of expert models and artificial intelligence to optimize the high level of detection and reduce false positives when thresholds defined by the institution are exceeded. In addition, the resulting lower volume of alerts reduces the operational burden on the analysis team.

Protecting the value of the institution and significantly improving management efficiency

The system helps to independently ensure the quality and effectiveness of internal control processes and systems to protect the value of the organization and the reliability of the integrity of financial and operational information.

Risk and control management

Monitor Plus Continuous Auditing™ assesses controls and risks on an ongoing basis to help reduce losses caused by exceptions to internal policies, procedural deviations, or repetitive errors.

Streamlined and efficient

Case management

Deep business impact


  • Provides a set of tools to define a detection model helpful for internal control and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the entity's processes and systems.
  • User-friendly control environment to operate in a systematized way and including tools for the maximum use of real-time data from multiple instances.
  • Early detection to prevent possible errors or abnormalities.
  • Enhanced adaptability to changes in the institution or environment that represent new risks and require new controls and continuous monitoring.
  • Increasing the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of audit teams, especially those dispersed across different locations.
  • Synergy and increased efficiency of lines of defense to achieve better results.
  • Increased scope of audit objectives through a more comprehensive analysis of cases under review (as opposed to working with samples).
  • Provides a methodology that optimizes the effectiveness and efficiency of auditors.