About Plus TI


About Plus TI:

We are the people behind Monitor Plus®.

Monitor Plus® is Latin America's leading financial crime prevention platform. We were born in Latin America and now our products are used across all continents, with a solution that unifies best-in-class expert judgement and machine learning technology and out-of-the-box solutions created by industry experts for existing and emerging financial system needs.

Plus TI is a dynamic, innovative and resilient company, with professionals committed to a safer financial world, we actively listen to our customers in an open and honest way, we are driven by passion and innovation in everything we do, every individual at Plus seeks to make their mark by contributing ideas, commitment and determination.


Plustiers in 10 countries

Financial institutions on five continents use our solutions.

Millions of end customers protected by our solutions


The values that drive us

Financial software

Our team

Plus Technologies employed the same great group of people who conceived, designed, developed, supported and succeeded with its products. The company continues to invest in the development of new versions of Monitor Plus® and Intertrade Plus® and to maintain its high service and customer satisfaction levels.

The company continues to acquire new talent to further raise these standards and continue to develop and launch innovative products.

Become part of our team and live the Plus experience. Explore the available opportunities or send your CV.


A story of success

Monitor Plus® has been acquired by over 400 leading organizations in 41 countries, and the company persues an aggressive global expansion plan that also seeks to position Intertrade Plus® as a leading product in the area of international banking operations.

Monitor Plus® is trusted by institutions around the world, monitoring more than 300 million transactions per day and protecting more than 500 million end-users in over 40 countries.

Industry know-how

Plus TI regularly participates in regional and international financial crime prevention and risk management events. At third-party events, the company participates with a booth or through conferences on current trends by one of its experts. In addition, the company also organizes its own events for the academic and practical benefit of the audience. 

Our teams


Devising functionalities to respond to the current and future needs of the industry.

Customer Success

Identification of customer needs and pain points for the implementation of improvements and support to maximise the use and understanding of our solutions.


Customised search for the best solution for each organisation's problem in order to maximise the value delivered and ensure the company's growth.


Research and experimentation for new developments, functionalities and innovative solutions that anticipate market needs.

Development and operations

Development and implementation of customised solutions based on best practices, safety and quality standards.


Brand development, promotion and awareness for lead generation.


Technical and logical support of the use of the solutions for troubleshooting and facilitating improvements.

Administration and Finance

Supporting all departments, clients and the company as a whole through the management and strategic allocation of funds and resources for the best outcome.

Global impact