Solutions - International Trade

Automation and optimization of international operations

Intertrade Plus® is a comprehensive international banking suite that enables the automation of international operations. This suite of solutions enables banks to be more competitive, profitable, and prepared to comply with international rules and regulations.

Use cases

  • Increased profitability and competitiveness of international operations.
  • Compliance with local and international regulations and policies of the institution.
  • Automation of international operations. 
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Intertrade Plus® provides a high degree of automation for your foreign exchange transactions, including international transfers sent or received. It has the ability to interpret the SWIFT message, verify the controls and automatically credit the funds to the customer's account. 

  • Transfers sent: debits the customer's account and generates the corresponding SWIFT message. 
  • Keep track of the availability, cost, profitability and profitability of each currency online.
  • Control of exchange rates through segments, which are associated with negotiators, who may set preferential rates.
  • Inventory control of blank forms (cheques/drafts and travellers' cheques). 
  • Reduces operational errors thanks to its extensive parameterisation. You can block transactions for large amounts, block payment methods, transaction types and document types per user group. 
  • Automatic generation of expenses/commissions by different criteria.
  • Automatic accounting of all transactions based on the parameterisation of accounting guidelines.
  • Interface with other modules such as Letters of Credit, Correspondent Banks, Cash, Customers, Accounting and SWIFT.
Correspondent banks

Intertrade Plus® allows the control of the credit lines granted by the Correspondent Banks and the accounts held with them, automatically registering the operations of Letters of Credit, Financing, Refinancing, Pre-Export Advances, as well as the movements in the accounts for Transfers, Drafts/Cheques, Remittances/Deposits.

Automatic reconciliation of account movements through the interpretation of the SWIFT MT940/MT950 message.

Letters of credit

Intertrade Plus® automates letters of credit through:

  • Monitoring and follow-up of applications.
  • Broadly parametric, allowing business policies to be defined.
  • Automatic generation of expenses, commissions and taxes based on defined parameters.
  • Registration of shipping documents and generation of bills of exchange as a guarantee of payment in forward transactions.
  • Recording of discrepancies and amendments with details of the customer's instructions to inform the correspondent, automatically generating the corresponding SWIFT message and on the basis of the defined automatically generates charges or commissions.
  • Settlement of transactions according to due dates, with interfaces to other modules such as cash and current account.
  • Calculation of interest on the debit balance and transfer to the Refinancing module when it is part of the terms of the negotiation.
  • Issuance of reports and maturity notices.
  • Automatic generation of all relevant SWIFT messages.
  • Automatic posting of all transactions.
  • It considers all types of letters and conditions such as Sight, Term, Mixed, Local Letters, Stand By, etc.
Draft discounting

Intertrade Plus® enables the institution to provide short-term financing to businesses through the efficient administration of trade bills of exchange, including the collection of fees/commissions, interest calculation and accounting.


Intertrade Plus® allows banks to manage foreign currency financing for exporters' working capital needs and promotional activities for their goods or services to reach international markets.

  • Controls the interests of the correspondent bank and the local bank.
  • Controls payment dates and commitments.
  • Controls credit lines per customer.
  • It has an online interface with the correspondent banking module to affect credit lines.
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Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

Intertrade Plus® interprets and constructs SWIFT MT103, MT202 and MT999 messages for transactions between banks in the same country.

The messages are interpreted, with the ability to retrieve customer, account, amount and payer data, validate the customer's account, the percentage match of the payee and the account owner, daily accumulated per customer, and then automatically credit the customer's account.

For transfers sent, the system automatically generates the SWIFT message with a copy to the Central Bank. It has the ability to mail ACKs confirmation messages to customers who are parameterised in a list.

Parametrically, the system is instructed how to post the day's transactions and at the daily closing they are transferred to the accounting system.


Intertrade Plus® can control incoming family remittances and the administration of the process (receipt, registration, validation, management, payment to the beneficiary and accounting).

  • Receipt of remittances via SWIFT messages and other formats.
  • Verification of the Originator and Beneficiary on blacklists, OFAC list and daily, fortnightly or user-defined accumulations and, if necessary, alerting the appropriate staff.
  • Automatic status assignment based on events.
  • Ability to credit funds to the beneficiary after review of controls.
  • Automatic posting of all transactions.
Import collections

Intertrade Plus® manages payments to the exporter, allowing the registration of documents that can be delivered to the importer against payment or acceptance of the bill of exchange.

Import financing and pre-export advance payments

Intertrade Plus® administers financing requested by clients to import goods or produce goods for export.

  • Control of the customer's credit line.
  • Control and follow-up of applications from the moment they are received until they are approved for credit.
  • Generation and control of expenses and commissions (local or correspondent).
  • Control of correspondent bank and local interests.
  • Control of commitment dates for interest or principal payments.
  • Settlement of expenses, commissions, interest and capital for subsequent collection from the customer. In the event of non-cancellation, the customer becomes a debtor and interest and arrears will be incurred.
  • Interface with the correspondent banking module to affect credit lines.
  • Generation of SWIFT messages for each module.
  • Accounting for all transactions.

Intertrade Plus® administers guarantee documents requested by the client or importer and issued by the banks in favour of the General Directorate of Customs in order to be able to collect the goods, since the goods arrived at the port before the shipping documents. This generates expenses/fees on a monthly basis as long as the bond is in force.


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