Monitor Plus® and Mobility

By: Jorge Domingo Samayoa Jr.

Mobility is now an integral component of the working day in companies. From taking notes in a meeting to conducting online banking transactions is now part of our customers' and employees' activities.

Monitor Plus Everywhere's main objective is to make available all those functionalities that can be applied to their availability in field activities, and that allow them to maximise productivity, minimise response times and take advantage of the information capture mechanisms of mobile devices.

From the visualisation of monitoring alerts, to the capture of evidence or documentation on site (audio notes, photographs, GPS location, videos, biometric authentication, etc.) are some of the functionalities that are integrated into the Viewer App from a mobile device, which is fully in line with the central management of Monitor Plus, integrating BackOffice personnel with field personnel or personnel who are away from their workstation.

Thus, the follow-up of a fraud investigation case detected by Monitor Plus Payment Media Fraud Detector™ can be carried out by different persons, who will attach to the digital file information related to the process, which may contain multimedia material that will be recorded from the mobile device and will be centralised as part of the overall investigation file.

This also applies to the business area, who can use Monitor Plus Everywhere to track and manage new business leads generated through campaigns configured by Monitor Plus CISM, and capture documentation related to our customers and initiate a product registration process giving the possibility of closing the management from the customer's location without any delay.

In addition to the above, it is also worth mentioning the important functionality included in Monitor Plus Everywhere, which provides a complete messaging system (interactive chat) incorporated for all Monitor Plus users, allowing them to have a direct communication channel that can be linked to a specific issue or management, for which such communication can become part of the investigation file.