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ABR 25

AML and risk management

ABR 26

Fraud prevention

W Santiago Hotel

Santiago, Chile

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Expert speakers

Ilian Vasco

AML - Regulatory environment USA: OFAC licensing and AML Act 2020 progression

VP of Product and Marketing - Plus TI

Ilian has more than 12 years of experience in the financial sector. A computer engineer, with a master's degree in digital marketing and business management, FIBA certified, he is an international lecturer and has led different processes of money laundering prevention and consulting in more than 10 countries in Latin America. He served as director of monitoring and reporting UIAF of Banco de Occidente, director SARLAFT and risks, as well as Compliance Officer in financial institutions in several countries. In addition, he has supported multiple processes of diagnosis and refinement in LAFT prevention and risk management in the real sector.

Martin Rago

AML - Applying intelligence to customer insight

P. Fraud - Leveraging the power of data and the latest technologies to prevent fraud

VP of Data Science - Plus TI

Martha Leuro Villamarín

P. Fraud - Pillars of a pro-customer anti-fraud strategy

VP Customer Success & Consulting - Plus TI

Raúl Castellanos

AML - Intelligent, automated and centralized management of LAFT compliance

AML - Strategic alignment of risk management and the Gartner quadrant

PLD Compliance Product Manager - Plus TI
Raul is an expert certified by FIBA as an associate in Money Laundering Prevention and FATCA Management with more than 20 years of experience in software administration for financial institutions. He has participated in several countries in the definition of strategies for the automation of controls related to Corporate Governance, Operational Risk Management, Money Laundering Prevention, Fraud Prevention, and Internal Control. In addition, he has actively participated in Europe with projects related to 4AMLD, PSD2, Fraud Prevention in Digital Banking and Cybersecurity.


Álvaro Arzayus

P. Fraud - Intelligent orchestration of modern anti-fraud management

P. Fraud - Experience and cost optimization in the new frontier of digital fraud.

Digital Anti-Fraud Product Manager - Plus TI


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