Solutions - Fraud Prevention

Securing transactions in financial branches

Monitor Plus BBFD™ (Branch Banking Fraud Detector)

is a comprehensive real-time solution for fraud prevention in financial branches. This system prevents internal and external fraud in financial and administrative operations, ensures compliance with policies and procedures, prevents errors and helps optimize branch profits, contact centers and non-bank correspondents.

Use cases

  • Fraud prevention in financial branches (tellers and customer service platform).
  • Prevention of fraud related to products/channels in branches involving internal complicity.
  • Cheque fraud prevention (over-the-counter and clearing).
  • Fraudulent password use.
  • Control for physical access.
  • Policy and authorization level compliance.


Real-time internal and external fraud reduction

Monitor Plus BBFD™ (Branch Banking Fraud Detector) monitors financial and non-financial branch operations and protects against fraud in both external and internal fraud, preventing its occurrence even at the preparatory stages.

Reduction of operational errors

Monitor Plus® intelligently monitors and analyzes transactions using expert know-how to detect irregularities, generates alerts, and case follow-up.

Timely and effective actions

Monitor Plus® continuously profiles the customer and their products, generates a statistical profile of employees, their transactions, queries and modifications of sensitive data, and detects irregularities, points of compromise and potential compromised products to generate alerts, execute automated defensive actions and alternate validation processes with the customer for high-risk transactions.

Compliance with policies and procedures

Monitor Plus BBFD™ monitors and analyses financial and non-financial transactions in real time to detect irregularities and risky transactions, ensuring compliance with policies and procedures based on parameters defined by the institution.

Early stage detection of

Structured Fraud

Monitor Plus BBFD™ analyses sequences and correlates events, stops frauds in their initial preparation and detects multiple types of fraud cases.

Combination of expert model and machine learning:

  • Suspicious queries.
  • Credit/debit notes.
  • Changes of contact details.
  • False product claims.
  • Reversals.
  • Authorisations.
  • Cancellations.
  • Etc.


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