Data quality assurance

Monitor Plus DQA™ (Data Quality Assurance)

is an automated data management system that facilitates compliance with data quality requirements based on criteria of accuracy, consistency, completeness, and validity.

Use cases

  • Transparency of ultimate beneficiary.
  • KYC, KYE and KY3 processes.
  • Filtering information, avoiding errors and duplication.
  • Avoiding fraudulent data.
  • Reducing false positives and alert volume.
  • Detection of hidden risks.
  • Improving relations with customers and other persons.
  • Information for decision-making.


Accuracy, consistency, completeness and validity,

Monitor Plus DQA™ (Data Quality Assurance) supports information security and quality by automating real-time data management, filtering information, preventing errors, duplication, and fraudulent data.

Metadata repository

This system collects customer data through a module that allows you to easily define rules and conditions to improve compliance management, reduce staff effort and improve your performance and profitability.

Continuous quality

Monitor Plus DQM™ operates continuously and in real time to maintain ongoing data collection, correction, and updating activities, leveraging customer contacts (institutionally or externally generated).


Monitor Plus DQA™ automates data and knowledge management processes, enabling the creation of rules for operation, workflow management for continuous quality and data integration.

Automated data collection

Confirmation and correction

Optimized cycle for

Data quality management


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